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Email Deliverability

Who Are the Biggest Spammers? In a recent article published by Direct Marketing News with data provided by Return Path’s Q3 Email Intelligence Report, “Marketers account for 70% of all ‘This is Spam’ complaints generated, much higher than any email source”. The article goes on to state that overall in the past year, email deliverability [...]

Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement? In my posts and mailings, I frequently mention the importance of being sure to have appropriate tracking and measurement procedures in place so that you can…what?  Improve your process, incrementally and continually.  Therefore, metrics definition and measurement capabilities are critical components to any CI program. Other major components of a solid [...]

Top 15 Social Media Sites

Everybody has their own opinion and strategy about which of the multitude of social media sites provide the most bang for the buck, but recently posted is a fairly comprehensive list of the world’s most popular social media sites. Top 15 Social Media Sites

Facebook ROI Tracking Tool

LinkedIn Inmail Lead Generation How can you generate leads?  Let me count the ways…. Is it Pinterest? Is it Solo ads? Swaps? What about Display advertising? And affiliates? Your options aren’t limitless, but there sure are many…and most of the quality a’int free. So, how does one go about determining the optimal approach to generate [...]

Facebook ROI Tracking Tool

In case you have missed the news, succumbing to increasing advertiser pressure, just last week Facebook announced that they have launched into Beta release a new ad tracking tool that allows advertisers to track users’ path all the way through to conversion occurring outside of Facebook. What does this mean to you? Well, if you’re [...]

Mobile Gaming Trends

We all play them…whether it be on line at the grocery store, walking down the street, or is you are like some un-named movie star while preparing to take off on a flight. Yes, I am talking about mobile games.  And, like I said, we all play them.  Young and old, male and female we [...]

Is Zappos Jeopardizing Your Business

Of course you have heard of Zappos…the only shoe retailer that has been doing it forever. They were one of the first and most successful online merchants, who is now owned by According to BusinessInsider back in January, hackers stole more than 24 million customer email addresses from the Zappos database. As you can [...]

Paid Marketing–A quick overview

Paid Marketing It used to be that paid marketing opportunities were fairly simple and straightforward—there were three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft) and display marketing networks and exchanges such as Right Media and Casale Media. It doesn’t take much analysis of this first sentence to realize that the landscape has changed dramatically, but [...]