Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement?

In my posts and mailings, I frequently mention the importance of being sure to have appropriate tracking and measurement procedures in place so that you can…what?  Improve your process, incrementally and continually.  Therefore, metrics definition and measurement capabilities are critical components to any CI program.

Other major components of a solid continuous improvement program include:

  1. Issues identified.  What are some issues affecting your business?
  2. Once issues are identified, processes need to be defined to address these issues.
  3. Map the process, e.g. for those of us who are visually stimulated, diagram the processes involved to address your issue
  4. Define the measurement processes and benchmarks
  5. Implement process
  6. Analyze/evaluate  the process
  7. Improve the process
  8. Manage the process
  9. And then redefine the benchmarks

Why are you reading about this today?

Well, for those of you who have been subscribing to my newsletter for some time may have noticed the evolution of the delivery vehicle itself—from a rudimentary text email to a more robust, information rich one.  And also you may have noticed improvements to our websites.  In addition to our marketing services, we are also aggressively building out a multi-tiered business model that is slowly, but continually taking shape.

Some may argue that why have we sent newsletters and released websites that are not yet 100% finalized?  Well, if that were the case then we would never get anything released.

If you are interested, below are few references where you can learn a bit more about continuous improvement.

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