Discover the Power of LinkedIn Endorsements

They say never judge a book by its cover! It is also true that now is still a bit too early to judge how valuable endorsements will be to your LinkedIn networking, whether you choose to show them on your public profile or not. That said though, it’s not the hardest thing to notice that this could be a killer feature, a perfect tool for online marketers out there. They offer an incredibly simple and sure way to get into someone’s radar, and that’s what most marketers crave for.

Above all, this endorsements feature is a free and an easy way to make a little gesture and show recognition to your business connections of which you value the most.

How exactly do LinkedIn endorsements work? Well, below I have compiled a list of some simple tips to make you seize this opportunity and utilize this one off tool to your maximum benefit.

Always Add Some Skills to your profile

In order for others to endorse your skills, you first need to add those skills to your profile. In Edit Profile mode, you’ll see the Skills area to click through. As you enter your skills into the box, it will give you a choice of those already listed for you to pick from, or you can add one that is not currently there.

Make sure you add your skills in order of importance to you, as these will be the first ones listed on your profile and thus the easiest for your connections to see. As you get more endorsements for a particular skill, that skill will automatically rise to the top of the list, as your skills will then be listed by numerical order of endorsements.

 Endorse and Be Endorsed

When someone views your profile or you view the profile of one of your first-degree connections, you are offered the opportunity to endorse that person for the skills they have added to their own profile.

With a simple click, the skills you choose to endorse are added to their profile with a thumbnail image of you, the person who endorsed them.

You can also scroll down to where their skills are listed, and simply click on the skill you wish to endorse by clicking on the + sign to add your endorsement to their profile. It’s easy to endorse a connection by clicking the + sign on the skill listed. As each endorsement is added, the figure on the left increases, giving anyone looking at your profile a very clear and instant picture about your skills.

Also, as you endorse someone or someone endorses you, that activity will show in your LinkedIn newsfeed, creating even more brand exposure for you.

Whenever you have some sort of activity on LinkedIn, whether you have commented on a group discussion, made a change to your profile or endorsed a connection, that activity shows up in your own newsfeed and if you are endorsing others, it shows up in their newsfeeds too. This simply gives your personal brand a little more exposure to others and puts your name back on the radar of those you are connected to.

How to hide endorsements

Sometimes you may not like endorsements from some people of whom their endorsements are of no value. LinkedIn gives you the option of hiding your endorsements from your public profile by clicking on the arrow of the particular skill on the far right. I am not particularly sure whether it’s the best idea to hide any endorsements at all. At this time, this cannot be reversed. After all, you have the opportunity of not accepting endorsements in the first place if you don’t want them


When someone or a group of people endorse your skills, you are sent an email each day that you receive another endorsement, and you will be notified who those people are up to a point. You have the option of rejecting any endorsement you may not like.

From an etiquette point of view, consider sending a message back with a quick thank-you to show that you appreciate the gesture. It’s easy to do from your skills area—just choose the person from their thumbnail photo and click Send Message.


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