For Only $5! Market with Fiverr.

Think, think and think harder, but I’m sure you won’t be able to find the answer to this question: When was the last time you were able to pay someone a measly $5 bucks to help market your business? Think about all that cost you incur to advertise on Facebook ads, Google and the likes! I’m sure it’s nothing close to 5 bucks.

Hey, welcome, the online place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5. Fiverr is the biggest social marketplace website where people sell and buy a wide range of services for only 5$! That’s right, for only $5. This website is an excellent source for inexpensive outsourcing of a wide variety of different services. The services provided on the site, called “gigs”, range from video marketing to advice to SEO building. While you may find some offbeat and bizarre services offered, such as “I will cry and put any text on a paper” or “I will be your girlfriend/wife or anything else on Facebook for one week”, this website is actually does offer many great opportunities for small businesses to market themselves and make a wide reach at a very minimal cost.

Efficient marketing has been and will always be a key function of business, especially when dealing with small businesses. Most small businesses do not have the financial capital to support a full-fledged ad campaign and have to find other, relatively cheaper marketing tools and techniques to find their target market and attract customers. In this day and age, the internet provides many cheap and free marketing tools, such as blogging, e-mailing, and operating social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These are great tools to exploit when marketing, but another trending site to utilize is How exactly can you take advantage of Fivver? Well,here are five marketing tactics that you can implement through Fiverr for your small business:

1. Take Advantage and Do Video Marketing

You will have to agree with me, video making and editing is not the easiest task!  It‘s cumulatively very costly, extremely time consuming and requires a lot of technical work for your company. With that small budget you have invested into marketing, making videos conventionally isn’t the ideal strategy to partake. But you can now put your worries to rest; who needs to spend more when you can get it done for only $5 bucks? For only $5, you can outsource this work to a freelancer on Fiverr and with your vision and guidance; he/she will make you a commercial within 2 weeks! , This is too great of a deal to pass!

2. Writing

In addition to have a video made of virtually anything, whether it is a professional commercial or an animated cartoon, there are also a bunch of talented writers on Fiverr, both business and song writers. There are many people offering to write jingles or raps on your company and what it provides and those funny and creative tunes can definitely bring in new customers! In addition to song writing though, there are also many “gigs” offering to write press releases or just articles on any topic. This could be a great way to get content for your daily newsletter to your mailing list or just your blog.

3. Getting a Facebook Fan Page created

Every small business needs a Facebook fan page. Instead of just sending people to your Wall, send them to a custom Welcome page. How do you do that? Well, for $5 at will create you one. What are you waiting for? Not just a page but you can get a professionally looking page that you would have otherwise have coasted you a fortune to hire a seasoned designer in your neighborhood.

4. Get Graphics, Banners, and Logos

Similar to making videos, oftentimes designing new banners or graphics for your business’ website requires expensive graphic design work. Instead, you can outsource that work to the Fiverr community, where there are a good amount of awesome, professional graphic designers.

5. Getting your website ranked

Fiverr has a ton of link builders or people willing to create backlinks to your website. Typically, the more high quality back links, the higher your website will rank. SEO optimization is extremely crucial for all small online businesses. All businesses strive to be on the first pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo!, and employing effective SEO optimization techniques is necessary. On Fiverr, many sellers offer “gigs” that will improve your business’ SEO, whether it is by social bookmarking, promoting your links on social media outlets or different directories, or helping you build a LinkedIn following.


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