Online Marketing Experience

Our experience in online marketing began way back before the “bubble” burst for Internet companies in 1999 at one of the countless technology startups.  Although the startup did not succeed, from this experience we learned many things including how to develop data-driven user-friendly experiences and applications, while wearing many hats and do what it takes to satisfy the customer.


They say that if you love what you do for a living, its not called work?  Well, building and managing exciting new tools for our clients is a joy.  Is it work?  Well, significant effort is involved in crafting the solutions required to satisfy the distinct needs of our clients, but effort that we find typically challenging, but always exceedingly rewarding.


From our first engagement where we are just getting to know each other throughout the entire duration of our involvement with your organization, you will sense our enthusiasm in our efforts to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.


Professionalism can be expressed in many ways.  One manner in which we choose to express it is our usage and following of strict project methodology to ensure that we deliver what we say we will by the time that we say we will do so.


Countless hours have been spent at all times of day and days of week across a vast array of projects to build our skillset that we are offering to you.