Paid Marketing–A quick overview

Paid Marketing

It used to be that paid marketing opportunities were fairly simple and straightforward—there were three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft) and display marketing networks and exchanges such as Right Media and Casale Media.

It doesn’t take much analysis of this first sentence to realize that the landscape has changed dramatically, but that certainly doesn’t mean that using paid alternatives to expand and enhance your business should be ignored—even though it pains my budget-conscious sole to say so.

Paid Marketing Types

The types of paid marketing exploited can differ based on your goals.  Different methods should be considered whether you are just starting out and are aggressively in list-building mode, have affiliate products you are marketing or have a mature business with a breadth of products you are seeking to monetize.


As the US sports commentator calls the Rose Bowl, I see PPC as the Granddaddy of them all.  With US PPC spending set to exceed $19 Billion in 2013, compared $10 Billion for the next closest format (Display) it cannot be ignored.

For better or worse, it seems that Bing (partnership of Yahoo! and Microsoft) has begun winning  a bit of market share from Google, so there are now two viable search engines, plus a plethora of 2nd/3rd tier players.  As it pertains to these other players, you may be tempted by their lower, cost-per-click rates, but until you have all of your ducks in a row, we suggest sticking with Google and Bing.

In addition to these traditional search engines, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn also can use either the PPC or CPM pricing models.

In order to help us more effectively manage our PPC campaigns, we rely on a product called PPC Campaign Generator.  There are countless products on the market that claim to do similar things but none of them offer the same level of functionality as PPC Campaign Generator does. 

What PPC Campaign Generator do?

  1. In seconds, based on your product niche, it can generate a list of 1,000s of keywords.
  2. It can assist and generate high converting ad copy for you. 
  3. And all of this data can easily be imported into the search engines

Take the guess work out of your campaign creation and leverage the power of a trusted product like PPC Campaign Generator


Display advertising, or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is where you purchase impressions of your banner ads that market your products and services.

Solo ads

Solo ads are a service where you can buy the opportunity to have your message/product marketed to someone’s email list by purchasing a pre-defined number of clicks.  There are several websites where you can purchase solo ads, including the site I have been using recently, Safe Swaps.  A solid list of solo ad sites can be found at:

Ad swaps

The ad swaps are similar to the solo ads but rather than purchasing the right to have your message marketed and clicks generated, you and your ad swap partner are “swapping” lists so your message will be sent to your partner’s list and vice versa.


As the name implies is a network where you can buy and sell “gigs” for $5.  For example, you would find someone selling a gig to market your product to their email subscribers, Twitter followers and/or Facebook friends.

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