Time to Embrace Video marketing

If you feel online video is just another over hyped, passing fad, think again. In fact, online video is gaining strength as a source for content marketing. Recent research has indicated that Video marketing has been gaining a significant foothold and more and more firms are now embracing this new trend.

Why Choose  Video?

The web trending towards video is made more obvious by the fact that video is naturally more attractive and can easily catch attention even for those people with the shortest attention span. After all, YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. It’s no surprise if you concluded that most people don’t like to read anymore! Most people would prefer video content rather than reading through pages and pages of texts.

Video is the ideal for content marketing since it allows brands to deliver a concise message in a format that customers and potential customers already embrace. All the video elements including the images, voice over and background music can be leveraged as additional support the brand’s image and message.  And in the right creative hands producing highly effective video content can be very affordable.

Another benefit of using video for content marketing is that it can delivered virtually anywhere including websites, mobile devices, landing pages and social networks.

More and more corporate marketers are embracing and adopting video marketing as one of their key marketing strategies. The video content must not necessarily be a direct advertisement of the products but may contain high value content to their target customers in an effort to “pull” them toward their brand or product.  Instead of only providing incentives or offers, brands are now regularly providing useful information to their prospective customers mostly through video.


Video Analytics

Video also provides valuable analytics on customer behavior and interactions.  Having detailed information on the number of video plays and duration of viewership for a specific video can help marketers gather information on the interests of their customers. For example, a brand that leverages a marketing automation solution can automatically deliver highly targeted content or offers to customers based on their previous interactions with a specific video topic.

Get Started

Your customers already embrace the video format and can easily access video through their preferred communication channel. Plus, video provides valuable customer analytics.  In short, video is a highly effective and cost effective way to extend your company’s content marketing strategy. The best way to get started in video content marketing is to pick a hot topic and create on your first video!

Sounds like a daunting task? Hey you don’t have to worry, don’t panic and feel compelled to hire a video production company or an assembly of freelancers to write, design, shoot and edit your next video effort. Fortunately, the web provides several innovative options that make video a fast and simple to implement part of your marketing efforts.  I have sampled you a few of the tools that can help you start today!

#1. Animoto
This innovative format (recently celebrating a redesign) has brought online video to a new level of simplicity. By using Hollywood-quality backgrounds, edits and motion formats, you just drop in video or still images, select music from the library or your own and you’re done with production. What comes out is a great looking video perfectly timed to the music and ready for embedding or distribution.

#2. Bravo Video
Bravo lets customers record, review and send their videos to you. Then, you can approve and place these user-generated videos on your website, blog or wherever you’d like. The real beauty of Bravo is how convenient it is to capture and optimize testimonial videos.

#3. Screencast
This format allows you to create videos by taking screen shots and adding your voice-overs. Many are using Screencast for tutorials and software demos. Others are having success talking through PowerPoint presentations to show business models, sales processes and more.


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